Starting a new business is a trying time. Many new small business owners make mistakes when they first start their business. Here is our list of mistakes to avoid when transitioning.

Providing Sub Par Customer Service

“He profits most who serves best” ~ Arthur F. Sheldon

Society today is very people driven. Much is at stake when you fail to provide good customer service or better customer service then your competitors. It can provide return business, for example; one of the pools in your route sales their home, and moves into a new house in the area. Not only are you staying on for the new family that moves in, but if you provide excellent customer service, your previous client will want you for their new pool.

Not Investing Time Online

“In the world of Internet,… it is important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away” ~ Doug Warner

Good customer service is not limited to when you are speaking to clients on the phone or face to face. Does your business cater to their online needs as well? The majority of people use the web to find business